Friday, January 21, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just got my new Wacom tablet and I'm in love! 
Here are a few of my first tries:

This was inspired by a video my boyfriend, Robbie Gongwer , posted on his blog about sustainability and social change.  

check out Robbie's blog here:

The bystander effect refers to the phenomenon of the tendency of individuals in a crowd to avoid helping another person who appears to be in need.  People become locked into uncomfortable, mutually reinforced inaction--everyone is equally uncertain on how to act/help, and interprets everyone else's lack of action to mean that action must not be appropriate. It made me think of how I act in those situations...stepping forward in a group takes courage. What if more of us did that? In all areas of life?

I illustrated a scene from the novel I'm reading at the moment, Anna Karinina. 
I can't put this book down--I love the universal human drama that's played out, from Kitty's teenage angst to Levin's awakening to life while mowing his fields with the peasants--Tolstoy covers it all:)

Inspired by another book I'm reading called The Translucent Revolution.

 The beginning scene describes a man who is at the end of his rope. His company has gone bankrupt, his marriage is in shambles , and he's going to lose his house. He goes down to the beach and says to the sky, "I'm finished". In that moment, he gives up trying to control with his mind, and he wakes up to who he really is.